The Other Side Of The Brain is a creative agency specializing in unique music programs that help corporations build deeper connections with their customers and employees.

We work with leading consumer, retail and luxury companies to identify how music, as well as the remarkable alliance of music and fragrance, can be used as a powerful element in their brand identity and to create unforgettable customer experiences.

Based in New York, The Other Side Of The Brain (OSB) was founded in 2005 by French composer and creative director Henri Scars Struck to serve the needs of corporate clients and lifestyles industries.

It provides advisory, music composition and/or selection, event creation services across a broad range of industries, including airlines, cosmetics, fashion, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and retail.  The common thread in this work is the desire to help companies create true emotional connections to their audiences (whether customer or employee) in order to deepen the resonance of their brands. 

We believe that companies have only scratched the surface of what is possible in terms of the use of music to inspire engagement and loyalty.

To raise awareness of the potential of music as a tool for competitive differentiation, and to broaden the creative repertoire of the next generation of business management, Henri is a frequent speaker at MBA classes.

The Other Side of the Brain’s services includes advising on all aspects of the use of music, in brand building (strategic opportunity, creative concept, composition, licensing and legal protection).  We also advise Film/TV producers and directors and have served as both creators of new musical compositions, or as musical directors where existing material is preferred.

Our work with clients such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hermès, The city of Paris, L’Oreal, Lufthansa, Pfizer and Unilever demonstrates how music can provide the basis for significant and enduring business advantage. 

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